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Professional Basement Underpinning Services in Toronto

Is it worth it to underpin the basement? We at Easy Basements have all the expertise required to underpin your basement, so you enjoy benefits like added space to your home’s interior. The kind of underpinning we do also helps eliminate water problems and increases your home’s value significantly.  It’s also quite affordable.

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Why Choose Our Toronto Basement Underpinning Contractors?

Typical Underpinning Experience
  • Management issues
  • Unexpected price changes
  • Clients search for, purchase and transportation for their materials
  • Non-detailed design
  • Unspecialized labour
Underpinning Experience with Easy Basements
  • Boutique customer care
  • Transparent project tracking
  • Excellent selection of materials
  • Custom design and rendering
  • Talented, and licensed industry experts

What is Underpinning?

Benefits of Basement Underpinning

Many Canadian homes were built with 8-foot-deep foundations. This depth offers sufficient headroom in the basement as long as it remains unfinished. Once you decide to finish your basement with a floor and a ceiling, the headroom shrinks extensively, creating a less functional space. Here’s where basement underpinning helps.

Lowering your basement (basement underpinning) is the most practical way of creating additional space and headroom in your home because raising the aboveground structure is a serious investment that requires a lot of money, time, and labour. If you need to underpin your basement affordably and quickly, hire Easy Basements. One of the best basement underpinning contractors in Toronto.

Here’s how you stand to benefit:

  • An Extra Newly Built Living Space
    With underpinning, your basement will no longer feel cramped. Our construction and after-work services leave you with a new space you can transform into anything you want. Be it a home gym, bedroom, playroom, kitchen, or bathroom.
  • Boost your Home’s Value
    Underpinning comes with extensive repairs, renovations, and upgrades of your home’s systems. What’s more, once you decide to turn that abandoned basement into a usable room, your home’s value rises. Buyers become more interested when a home has a finished basement. Are you looking for basement underpinning near me? Easy Basements has you covered. Contact us today.

Why Choose Easy Basements for Your Toronto Basement Underpinning

With Easy Basements, everything is customized to your budget or lifestyle. You can incorporate an accent ceiling or wall, break up open spaces with dividers or furniture, and/or paint the walls and ceiling.

  • Competitive Price

    The average cost of underpinning a basement in Toronto is around $50 000. All our prices reflect our full process and include costs for the design, labour, materials, and cleaning. Do you want a detailed estimate? Get in touch with us today.

  • High-Quality Materials

    We have in-house material experts on call 24/7, ready to help you select basement materials that match your style and preferences. You can choose from an extensive range of flooring options, paint colours, cabinetry, tiles, etc.

  • 3D Modeling & Rendering

    The first day we meet, you’ll go home with a 3D floor plan that depicts exactly how your basement will look once we finish working on it. You can use it to compare styles with other finished basements and suggest to us any changes you may want.

  • Full Package Service

    We offer all kinds of services relating to underpinning, including basement lowering, inside waterproofing, basement finishing, drawings and permits, etc.

  • Qualified Team

    We are a team of skilled specialists. Not general contractors. So, when we say we’ll deliver high-quality basement underpinning services, trust us.

  • Free Quote

    Simply submit your budget on our online platform, and we’ll provide you with a detailed quote for your project in under 24 hours.

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Additional Benefits of Basement Underpinning

  • Improve your home’s Structural Soundness
    When you want to lower a basement, you first break the concrete floor and demolish non-weight-bearing structures. Once this is done, we’ll be able to ascertain your foundation’s condition and repair any damage or wear and tear.
  • Enhance Lighting and Increase Ceiling Height
    For sure, lowering your floors will lead to a higher ceiling. With a higher ceiling, you can choose to transform your basement into whatever you want and add larger doors and windows. This helps to increase the natural lighting in your home.
  • Update Old Electrical Lines and Plumbing
    When underpinning, concrete walls are removed, and the ground beneath them is excavated. This means any pipe, plumbing system, or power lines buried beneath your floors have to go also. Meaning that if you have old plumbing pipes and electrical wiring, they’ll be updated, thanks to your underpinning project.
  • Additional Source of Income
    Turning your newly finished basement into a rental unit can earn you some good extra income. This is money you would otherwise not get if you didn’t decide to lower your basement.
  • Less of a Mess
    Getting rid of debris and waste associated with underpinning is quite easy when compared to other home renovation projects. Most contractors use a conveyor belt and shovels to move the waste.
  • Cost Effective
    Basement underpinning is one of the few house renovations that doesn’t require too many permits, a ton of materials/supplies, and too many approvals by environmental experts. What’s more, underpinning your basement doesn’t increase your home’s size, so you don’t have to pay additional property taxes.
  • Opportunity to Address Leaks and do Waterproofing
    Finding moisture or water in the basement can be any homeowner’s worst nightmare, especially if they’ve already finished the basement. So if you’re yet to do underpinning, luck is on your side. This is a great opportunity to waterproof your basement and fix any water-related issues.

Basement Underpinning Process Our Contractors Follow


The majority of homes within the Toronto area have underutilized basements. This is mainly because the existing basements feel cramped owing to the low ceilings. As such, many people use their basements to store things they rarely use.

So, the first step when underpinning is removing all items from the basement and then demolishing all existing walls, floors, and other finishes. Demolitions help create an open and clear work environment, something our contractors require to work on lowering the basement.

Depending on the project, Easy Basements has the capacity to undertake all kinds of demolitions. This includes manual demolitions, pusher arm mechanical demolitions, explosives, as well as demolitions by the thermic lance and hydraulic busters.

Needless to say, we do everything necessary to keep your home and family safe during the demolitions. This includes site surveys, positioning screens and scaffolds, as well as shutting off power, steam, and water service lines.


Concrete floor removal

After demolitions, we endeavour to get rid of the soil beneath your foundation. This involves first removing the concrete floor in place, which is one of the trickiest parts of basement underpinning. The heavier the concrete, the harder the job.

Easy Basements employs a highly trained workforce and the latest power tools to break up concrete and transport the rubble. Everything we do is done quickly, efficiently, and safely. We provide everyone around the project with ear protection due to the noise generated when removing the concrete floor.

All the same, underpinning is a pretty sensitive repair project. One mistake and you create a serious financial burden due to the extensive repairs required. This is why you ought to hire experts only for the job. Easy Basements goes all out to ensure we employ the ideal underpinning method for the project.


Soil & debris removal

As you would expect, a lot of debris is generated from demolitions and concrete removal. So, before we start excavating the soil, we must first remove the debris. We have in-house waste disposal services as well as all the correct licensing required when carrying waste. What’s more, we’ll bring in enough classified skips to ensure that all materials are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

The moment all the debris is eliminated, and we have a clear soil surface, we’ll bring in one of our geotechnical engineers to determine the depth of soil to excavate. This involves assessing the soil strata to identify which level can bear your home’s weight.

You must remove soil in controlled stages called ‘pins’ so that you don’t undermine your building’s foundation.


Sectional underpinning

This is where our project managers come in. Our experts will help you acquire proper city-approved engineering drawings in the shortest time possible, thanks to our great working relationship with guys at the municipal offices. With the approvals in hand, we can move on to subdividing your basement into vertical sections marked 1, 2, 3, 4, etc., repeatedly.

These markings help us to conduct structurally sound underpinning excavations. For instance, if the work schedule indicates we’re working on no. 2, all sections marked no. 2 are cut and excavated to the required underpinning depth. The sections worked on are then formed, after which we pour new concrete into them, creating a basement of a new depth in that given section. We then repeat with every number until your entire basement is done.


Comprehensive evaluation

Since the process of underpinning a basement is quite delicate, one of our partner licensed engineers will be on-site from the start to the end of the project. Their main job is to conduct thorough checkpoint inspections at every crucial stage of the project and give approval for work to continue.

As you may know, the law dictates that a city council inspector or a licensed engineer should sign off on any work done during the structural excavation stages. At Easy Basements, we go a step further and ensure work is accessed at every stage of the underpinning process. This helps to ensure there’s no damage to any walls or weight-bearing columns. It also helps to guarantee that our work adheres to all local building codes. As such, we can predict and solve problems relating to your underpinning project even before they occur.



The most important tools that keep your home comfortable are usually in the basement. Talk about cooling and heating systems, electrical and plumbing fixtures, cable boxes, etc. This is why it’s crucial for your basement to remain dry at all times. Without a doubt, waterproofing goes a long way to protect your basement from getting wet, but it cannot function well without effective and efficient drainage.

This is why we install drains before waterproofing in the underpinning process. What’s more, basement drains come in different styles and shapes. We will help you select the most befitting drains for your home. Our team also conducts pressure tests that ensure all the plumbing connections in the basement are well done without any leaks.


Moisture protection and gravel installation

The biggest threat to any basement is water leakage. Water can seep through fissures or cracks in the foundation floor or walls. As such, protecting your basement from moisture is paramount when looking to create a well-functioning space.

There are two kinds of waterproofing: interior and exterior waterproofing. Exterior waterproofing involves digging a trench around your basement down to the footing of its foundation. The foundation is checked for defects, and in case of damage, we will do repairs using expendable hydraulic cement, smoothen it out, and install a bitumen membrane on the basement foundation walls.

Alternatively, we can use interior waterproofing to protect your basement, especially if your home isn’t very old. The process is quite similar to that used in exterior waterproofing. In both processes, once the bitumen membrane is in place, we backfill the trenches with soil and then layer gravel on top.


Insulation and radiant heat system installations

You’ve probably experienced it many times before. You enter your home’s basement, and the floors are cold. This happens largely because the location of such spaces receives little to no heat from the sun. So, once we finish waterproofing, the next step is to install radiant floor heating as well as insulation.

This will ensure your finished basement is as cozy and warm as you’d like. The best part is that installing radiant floor heating is much cheaper than heating your basement using alternative methods. In fact, radiant floors are easy to install, and you can use them when remodelling since they take up less space in a room.

To help minimize loss of energy from a radiant floor system, we install subfloor insulation. Properly done insulation goes a long way to minimize loss of energy and evenly distribute heat, thus preventing hot and cold spots on your floor as well as high heating bills. Easy Basements has all the necessary tools, experience, and expertise required to install radiant heat systems perfectly.


Sump pit and pump installations

Many cities in Canada receive massive rainfall a few times a year, and when this happens, the outdated drainage infrastructure becomes overloaded. This is why floods occur every time there’s heavy rainfall. Roads, buildings and basements become flooded.

Installing a sump pit and pump is the best way to prevent flooding in your basement. This means installing a pump in a basin (sump pit) located at the lowest spot of your basement floor. Here’s where water first accumulates before flooding. So as the water level increases, it fills the sump pit and activates the pump, which starts pumping excess water outdoors.

Easy Basements has some of the best sump pump services around. We can install your sump pit together with drain tiles to make your flood prevention system entirely effective.


Pouring basement concrete flooring

Prior to pouring concrete, we first ensure that your electrical and sewer lines are well in place. Electrical, sewer, and plumbing lines are embedded in the concrete floors, so you have to fix them perfectly the first time, as you can’t access them after finishing the floor. It’s important to note that finishing the floor with concrete rather than other floor finishes creates a vital walking surface when finishing other areas of your basement.

All the same, it’s tricky to pour a concrete floor as you hardly have any space to work around the slab’s perimeter. This is why we’ll first divide your basement floor into quadrants before pouring the concrete. With quadrants, we can work on one part, wait for it to cure, then proceed to work on the next part. The end result is a smooth concrete basement with zero blemishes.


Basement Underpinning in Toronto – FAQs

  1. What does Basement Underpinning refer to?
    This refers to the act of lowering an existing home’s foundation depth by creating new footing under the current one.
  2. Is Underpinning a Worthwhile Investment?
    Research shows that houses with finished basements have more value than those with abandoned basements.
  3. Why Should I Hire Professionals like Easy Basements for Underpinning Works?
    Hiring people with a proven record of proper underpinning and waterproofing services will save you mishaps and unexpected expenses.
  4. How Much Ceiling Height can my Basement Gain from Underpinning?
    At Easy Basements, we customize our underpinning projects to fit every client’s budget and lifestyle. We can achieve all heights permitted by your city’s building code.
  5. How Much Does Underpinning Cost?
    With our free inspections and detailed estimate, you will realize how much you will have to part with to get your basement underpinned and finished.
  6. How Long Does Underpinning Take?
    Easy Basements will provide a strict timeline and work schedule for all activities that will take place in your home. Generally, with all the permits and approvals in hand, underpinning takes 4 to 6 weeks.
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