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Modern home theatre in the basement with black leather recliner, large projection screen, ceiling-mounted white projector, and black speaker on a wooden floor.

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If you wish to transform your basement into a theatre, we are here to help. Thanks to decades of experience, our team is able to transform a basement into virtually anything you want. Our ingenious basement theatre ideas will give you a reason to never leave the house for entertainment. If you have some ideas in mind, we will bring them to life. If you don’t, we will help you.

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    Upon approval, we provide a 3D model, blueprint and material list for your basement theatre.

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    Our in-house team has over 30 years of experience in bathroom renovations.

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Benefits of a Basement Theatre

Gone are the days when basements were only used as storage areas. Today, you can transform your basement into virtually anything. One of the most popular renovation ideas is turning the basement into a theatre. There are several reasons why this is a popular option for most homeowners in Toronto.

The first reason is that transforming the basement into a theatre adds significant value to a home. This means you will not only have a great hideout but also increase the resale value of your home.

The second reason is that enjoying music or movies in a theatre with all your favourite customizations is a lot of fun. You will especially love the basement theatre in winter when you can’t leave the house for entertainment.

Watching movies and listening to music is not the only thing you can do in your basement theatre. When the world tournaments and super bowl start, you can be the one to host. When installed by a professional, you can make as much noise as you want without disturbing the neighbours. Our team at Easy Basements will not only create for you a theatre that is comfortable but also soundproof. You can host season after season and turn up the speakers anytime.

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Home theatre room with plush black leather seats, adjacent kitchen with modern black cabinets and fireplace, and a contemporary office building with a stylish hallway.

Basement Theater Ideas & Factors to Think About

Separate Electrical Circuit

A good home theatre will require a significant amount of electricity. This is because of the lighting, visual and sound systems, ventilation and other fixtures that use up electricity. To keep the circuit board from tripping, it is recommended to install a separate circuit for your basement home theatre.

Shape of the Room

Another important consideration to make is the shape of your basement. With proper planning, you can customize the basement to create the exact shape you want for your home theatre. Working closely with our experienced basement design team will help you create the perfect space for your theatre. If you like, we can add rounded walls and other upgrades.

Consider Adding a Stage

To give your home theatre an even more impactful wow factor, consider including a stage. This unique feature will add a special touch to your theatre and encourage performance by your guests. While installing a stage may increase the cost of the renovation slightly, it will definitely draw out the fun side of your guests.

Speaker Wire is Another Great Addition

How good your home theatre is will be determined greatly by your sound system. That is why you need to ensure you not only install the best system but also in the right position. Once the basement renovation is complete, you should pre-wire the room with a 5.1 sound. The location of the speakers and the hanging of the wires can be plotted before the contractor hangs the drywall. The goal is to conceal the speaker wires so they don’t interfere with the aesthetics of your home theatre. Make sure you install both the front and rear speakers for a submersive sound.

Pick the Right Location for Screen Wall

There are numerous factors that influence the choice of location for the big screen. The main factor is the viewing distance. We recommend a viewing distance of between 10 to 15 feet from the screen. Find a location that gives you this viewing distance. Secondly, you have to think about the direction of external lights. The last thing you want is for unwanted light to shine onto your screen when watching your favourite TV show. You also don’t want unwanted light getting in your eyes. While you may not have to worry a lot about sunlight in a basement theatre, you have to think about lights that may shine in. This is more so if you use the basement as more than just a home theatre.

Proper Quality Sound Supplies

The quality of your home theatre can be dwarfed by a bad sound system. Using high-quality sound systems such as surround sound will make a huge difference. Keep in mind that the sound system is installed during the construction stage.

Outlet for the Ceiling

It is a good idea to think about wiring an electrical outlet in the basement ceiling. For example, you should install an outlet close to where you will be mounting your video projector. The ceiling power outlet can be for the future projector or for connecting rope lighting. A ceiling electrical outlet will not only make it convenient for you to install new electrical devices but also avoid the unsightly issue of electrical cables running along the walls.

How Our Team Can Help You with Your Basement Theatre

Investing in a basement theatre renovation in Toronto will help add significant value to your property. Considering how prominent basement theatres are, it is imperative that you make yours as impressive as possible. One way of doing this is by working with an experienced team. At Easy Basements, we are committed to bringing your dreams to life. Regarding basement theatre renovations, you can count on us to handle every aspect of the project, including renovations, maintenance and repair. We take care of everything right from planning and design conception to material selection and installation. We have years of experience in basement theatre installations. You can count on us to build a home theatre that is both functional and aesthetically appealing. Contact us now to find out more.

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